Delhi-based Scottish writer William Dalrymple on the the sinister past of a cup of tea.
We’re perched on a bar stool at the capital’s newest concept restaurant, Comorin. There’s a new drink in town that’s replaced the likes of wine and whisky, it’s gin.
With a selection of No. 3 Clive Road teas served at Omya, we sit down with Michelin star chef, Alfred Prasad, to discuss his inspiration behind the Oberoi New Delhi's latest Indian restaurant.
Tea in the summer? We're up for the challenge! Join us for an Indian Summer High Tea, complete with craft iced tea cocktails and custom gifts for our guests.
New York-based tea sommelier on her journey to tea and the inspiration behind the most exclusive afternoon tea service fit for royalty.
Gurgaon-based artist duo, Thukral and Tagra, featured on our first Artist Blend, share their thoughts on the arrival of politicised art, their project Bread, Circuses & TBD and how simple conversations can be a work of art.

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