Introducing the Tiipot by Tiipoi. Combining nostalgia with design, the London based studio portrays designs of the past in a contemporary manner, finding functionality in our daily lives.

With an inbuilt strainer and a locking lid, this stainless steel jug is ideal for brewing hot or cold tea.

Paired with two pouches of our Black Tii and Green Tii. Our Black Tii is perfect as your morning tea and can be served with milk and sweetened to taste. Our Green Tii, packed with antioxidants, is the perfect end to a meal.


1 x steel jug

1 x 50g pouch of Black Tii, a bold blend of Nilgiri, Assam and Kangra

1 x 50g pouch of Green Tii, a fragrant blend of Kangra green tea with forest-grown Tulsi

The Tiipot is finished entirely by hand by local artisans and therefore there may be slight variations in the finish. The piece you receive may not be identical to the one pictured. Variations, such as colour and texture, add to the charm and look of the design and should not be misconstrued as flaws or defects. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy each piece as much as we enjoyed collaborating on this project.



Rs 4,900