Malabar Blend

A Breezy Coastal Blend

A blend of tastes from the tropical South West of India. Stretching the coast of the Arabian Sea and the foothills of the Western Ghats, port cities of Malabar such as Cochin became diverse and cosmopolitan hubs of ancient maritime commerce.The tea leaves from the southern gardens of Nilgiri produce a dark colour with intense and aromatic flavour. To compliment these earthy notes we have added sweet-scented vanilla, a native crop of the islands lying close to Malabar in the Indian Ocean. Sip a sweet cup of Malabar Blend as you imagine the fresh coastal breeze, palm lined sweeping beaches and exotic history of this nexus of Indian trade and agriculture. INGREDIENTS: Nilgiri black tea, vanillaBox Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 12cm ( L x W x H )




- Add 1 teaspoon to boiling water for 2 cups of tea
- Brew for 2 minutes
- Add a touch of honey to taste

We recommend pairing Malabar Blend with tangy lemon cakes.

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