Assorted Tea Blends

Perfect for a Gift Hamper

The No. 3 Clive Road assorted tea pouches are made up of eight of our popular tea blends and is sold as a set. Each set comes with the following tea blends:

- Aurangzeb Blend (50g)
- Ayurvedic Blend (40g)
- Jaipur Blend (40g)
- Jodhpur Blend (50g)
- Kashmiri Kahwa (50g)
- Madurai Masala Blend (50g)
- Malabar Blend (50g)
- Maheshwar Blend (50g)

Perfect for the festive season ahead!

Please email us at if you would like to custom order in bulk.

Pouch Dimensions: 11cm x 17cm ( L x H )


Each blend comes with individual serving suggestions.

Rs 2,800